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Fountains of pens, one solution

Brandon Woods, Staff Writer

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In the past 67 years, Bic has produced 100 billion disposable pens. These single use pens last a very short time, and are thrown out immediately after. Although each pen is relatively small and insignificant, yet the build up over the course of the past half-decade is rather sizable. If only there was a way to reduce the number of pens thrown away each year… That’s where fountain pens come in.

Now, fountain pens are not without their faults.

“Fountain pens have an expensive initial cost but can be cheaper in the long run,””

— Mack Hedquist

says pen enthusiast Mack Hedquist. Fountain pens will cost consumers far more than a simple Bic. Fountain pens also require maintenance, as Brady Haller complains.

However, fountain pens do have their benefits. They give the user a sense of sophistication and elegance and provide a better writing experience. Fountain pens are engineered to last a lifetime and even longer. They can become family heirlooms, passed from generation to generation. They also provide a personalized use by allowing the user to pick each feature that they would prefer.

It all comes down to preference. Yes, fountain pens are more work and can sometimes be less reliable than a ballpoint, however, a fountain pen is something that many users take pride in and enjoy the experience. They are also an economical in the long run. “Fountain pens are better to write with but ballpoints are more versatile,” Hedquist explains. Essentially, the user must decide which they prefer.

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Fountains of pens, one solution