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Conspiracy club on the rise

Morgan Bakos, Staff Writer

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There’s a new club up on the rise this year called Conspiracy Theory Club, and it’s something everyone should know about, whether it exists or not. This club starts at the beginning of November with meetings rotating Wednesday and Friday every other week. Co-Founders sr. Tia Ruh and sr. Grace Geertsma open the club up to anyone. People interested in this club can expect to “drink chocolate milk while presenting creative theories on what might or might not have happened in certain situations,” Ruh said. Every meeting can be a little different as well, as they have multiple activities they plan to do in this club. Typically “speakers will come up and present their conspiracy theories, or we will pose a question and open discussion

speakers will come up and present their conspiracy theories, or we will pose a question and open discussion”

— Tia Ruh

,” Ruh said. Another unique thing they plan to do is what they call “powerpoint karaoke.” This is where Geertsma and Ruh make a presentation and then a random member will come up and present it without ever seeing it before. “Thus it takes an improv route,” Ruh said. Geertsma and Ruh are very excited to have people attend saying that it’s “a good gang and we are there to have a “G” time,” Geertsma said. Students that are interested in being involved should stay tuned, check their announcements and talk to Ruh and Geertsma.

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Conspiracy club on the rise