New Athletic Director Tom Dasovich plans to observe and grow activities

Saylor Donnelly, Staff Writer

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Lakeville South welcomed a new athletic director this year. Tom Dasovich took the place of Neil Strader. Dasovich received his education from St. Cloud State University. But didn’t always want to be an athletic director, “I went to school to be a teacher and a coach” Dasovich said. After college, he started his career off by teaching taught at Henry Sibley High School and Minnetonka High School for 14 years. At Minnetonka, he became a Student Success Coordinator, then he became an Athletic Director at Watertown Mayer. Now he is here. “Having a wide variety of experience and teaching at a lot of different levels, I felt I had the full teaching experience and I looked at administration as another way to interact with kids,” Dasovich said.

He was looking for a change. He has a very strong passion for sports, activities and interacting with students. As a man with a lot of experience in high schools, not a lot of things surprise him. But when coming to Lakeville South there was one thing that was surprising, “The intensity of the rivalry between Lakeville South and Lakeville North. It was really fun for me to experience,” Dasovich said. Even though he had been an AD at another High School, coming to South is new to him.

My vision for this year is not to change a bunch of things or make any changes right away.”

— Tom Dasovich

It’s really to observe and get to know people and scan my environment. I don’t look at the activities department or the sports here as broken or in a rough spot. But like any activities department, we have areas that we are excellent in, stuff that’s kind of in the middle and we have things that might need a little improving and fixing.” Dasovich said. A new set of eyes in the athletic department could bring new opportunities for the Lakeville Cougars. Change is different but change can be good.


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