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Cut out the cheating!

Laney Anderson, Staff Writer

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High school is supposed to ready students for college and future steps they take in their life. Recent barriers have occurred making teachers second guess if their students actually are learning anything at all now that cheating has become so popular in schools. Students have come up with some pretty interesting ways to get the grade they want on tests and assignments without actually putting in the effort to learn. Some teachers do their best to keep an eye on classes with 30 or 40 students, but think about it. That’s 1 teacher vs. 40 students. From writing on body parts to being able to access their photos from their apple watches and phones, cheating has never been so easy. All it takes is one person to quickly snap a photo of their assignment or test and send it to one friend for it to be accessed by the whole student body.

Learning has gone from listening and taking notes on a topic to responding to texts, Snapchats, and/or checking how many likes you’ve gotten on your most recent Instagram post. Most teachers post their powerpoints and notes online for students to access, this gives students the idea that it’s okay to not pay attention right away if they can just learn it later. After taking notes, teachers will most of the time give the same assignment out to their classes. These are supposed to help the students reflect on what they just learned. But what’s the point when students will just find the answers online or text a friend for their finished assignment which will then be sent to an uncountable number of other students?

Technology is the most helpful tool when it comes to cheating. Camera phones, Smartwatches, earbuds, and etc. are all the reasons why cheating has become so easy and common. Our society looks for the easiest way to succeed, and in school getting 100 percent on an assignment or test is succeeding. Teachers try different ways to lower the chances of cheating like making students put their phones in a certain part of the room so they’re out of reach. “I got 0 percent on an assignment one time because the teacher saw I was hiding my phone with a picture of the assignment under my notebook.” sr. Griffin Norcia said. I think teachers choose harsh punishments for cheating so that the student learns a lesson from their mistake.

If you’re not learning the criteria you need to succeed you’re not succeeding. Cheating doesn’t help anyone, all it does is get you a grade that you didn’t work for and will only help you in the present and not the future. You can’t cheat your way through life, work for what you want and you will thrive.

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Cut out the cheating!