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Diversity Club sponsors week of awareness activities

Summer Tran, Staff Writer

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Diversity in all kinds of different traits (ethnic, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) is now a celebrated attribute in the United States. Places all over the U.S. give and dedicate parties, parades, fairs, and more to those apart of any minority. Gay parades span all over, and so do ethnic and nationality celebrations. Cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles are more distinct in their divergent populations. In terms of ethnic variations, according to statistical evidence from U.S. News, the Lakeville district minority population total to 18%. It is not always uncommon to be a student of color amongst the 1,860 students here, but many would argue that being a student of color is a distinguishing trait amidst the majority population of white people.

Cities like Lakeville are admittedly not the most diverse places in the world. However, there is a club in Lakeville that reveres being a minority in any way. Led by Seniors Sofia Rischall and Marina Lundell, along with Leah Hood and Lydia Lindsoe (of the Equity Department) as the club’s facilitators, the Diversity Club welcomes anyone that comes in through their open door with a story to share. The members, totaling to about 10 people (in 2018), meet twice every month. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

The club’s goal is to become more culturally aware itself, as well as spreading that awareness and helping others learn more about the certain diversities in this school. To spread such awareness, the club has recently put in a request to host the first Diversity Week in the history of Lakeville South. Specifically, it’s called “DIGS (Diversity, Inclusion, Gender Support) Awareness Week” and will include a number of activities such as taste testing foods, presentations of dances, an open question session, and more. Teachers are also encouraged to participate as well, presenting and explaining tough or uncomfortable questions to students in order to raise awareness of differences.

Lakeville South’s Diversity Club strives to change people’s minds and enrich the knowledge of those at Lakeville South about culture, religion, sexual orientation and more. They propose their mission statement for others: “[w]e, the students and staff of Lakeville South High School, pledge to build a community that advocates for mutual respect. We will celebrate our differences and not let them divide us. We will work to understand, educate, and listen to each other.”

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Diversity Club sponsors week of awareness activities