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Interview with Girls Soccer Captain Heather Beumer

Interview with Girls Soccer Captain Heather Beumer

The Lakeville South Girls Soccer Team is one of the most recognizable teams here at South. Whether its the signs they wear on game day or social media posts about their team, they are some of the proudest and outgoing athletes competing for the school. We sat down with Heather Beumer, one of team’s captains to discuss everything about the season, the players, and her own background in the sport.

Q: Who pushes you to be your best and why?

A: Coach Olivia Mehlhorn because she gets on you if you aren’t doing what she thinks your capable of and having her be disappointed is the worst feeling in the world.

Q: Do you plan on playing soccer in college? If so, where do you plan on attending?

A: I do, I plan on attending Gustavus. I have an overnight on September 28th to watch them practice and I get to stay with a couple of the girls and then on Saturday the 29th I get to watch them play a game.

Q: How do you and your co-captains Ava Quick and Olivia Hansen leading the team to success?

A: “Oh my ok! Um hmm…in the locker room, Oliva has us all circle up and we hype each other up and when were on the field, we are constantly getting on one another just to make sure that no one is slacking off or just not giving their best. And as captain, you need to show how to do that and really be an example for them.”

Q: How is it adjusting to the new turf?

A: We like it a lot better! We practice on Mondays and Wednesdays there. It’s definitely different, a lot of people on our team definitely don’t like playing on the grass fields anymore…kinda spoiled!

Q: Do you personally have any pre-game rituals?

A: Me myself? I eat skittles! I like to get the sugar high!

Q: What is your favorite game that you like to play at practice and why?

A: Ooo um…I like playing chip the river, because normally when I’m on the team…or normally when I have a team..we win..(giggle)

Q: How do you handle being a varsity soccer captain and a full time student at the same time?

A:  Senior year I have open classes, so it’s nice when I can just do the homework that I know that I need to get done if I have a game. Or I will go home after practice and crank it out, and you rarely get some sleep during the soccer season so your kind of dreading going to school every morning.

Q: What advice would you give to the next years varsity captains?

A: “I would definitely say, do things that Olivia expects right from the start of the season because she will get on you if your not. And I would say definitely make sure it’s fun and not super intense.”

Q: What has been your favorite memory with LSHS girls soccer?

A:  Umm…my favorite memory has definitely been section nicknames. When we go into the locker room in the morning at like 7:30 no…we go at like 7:00, 6:45-7ish…and the captains give out the shirts with their names one by one. And then everyone laughs at them, and also we as seniors get to dress up the underclassmen as whoever we want and freshman year I had to wear a freakin half of a soccer ball on my head! And then last year I had to wear a wig.

Q: What do you and the rest of the team do to get pumped for a big game?

A:  We are in the locker room before and Olivia makes us go in a circle and do the ‘Ooh Ah aye, it’s on baby!” Oliva likes it’s on baby. And we like to do quotes that motivate us. So for everyone, for every game there will be a singular person that we assign to do a quote and then we cheer for them afterwards.

Q: How did you become interested in soccer?

A:  I had played lots of sports when I was younger, but my mom said that I never stuck with any of them. But apparently soccer was the one where I was super excited to go to practice and so she just kept me in it and if I had ever gotten sick of it, she would have pulled me out. But I never did.

Q: I know you’ve played many positions in your career. But what is your favorite and least favorite position and why?

A:  My favorite position would be forward, because you only do sprints and you get to rest a lot. And I don’t have endurance so I’m a definite sprinter. And then least favorite position…I would say Midfield because I have no idea where to go! And it’s so much running and I can’t keep up.

Q: Has #10 always been your go to jersey number? Why?

A: No it wasn’t, I used to be #5 in middle school but then…ok so I was C3 level at the time, and we had a C1 team. And the C1 team had tryouts to be select, that was the next step up. And so, I tried out for select cause all my coaches thought I could make the team. And I made the team based on my speed. And so when we were picking numbers for the select team, the C1 team got to pick theirs first since they were on the team the longest. And so Reed Linse wanted #5 and that was my favorite number and so I had to switch…and it’s kind of been all over the place, just kinda seeing what numbers fit.

Q: How long have you been playing soccer for?

A: “I have been playing since I was 5 years old.”

Q: Do you have a favorite professional soccer team? If so, who and why?

A:  I’ll tell you boys and girls. Girls is definitely USA because I understand their language, but their team has been strong and they’ve ups and downs…kinda like my teams that i’ve had in the past, and so it’s good to look up to those girls who are younger and seeing them develop. And then for guys, I would go with Brazil because Neymar Jr. is on the team, and he is a babe! And he’s super good! Like I will watch videos on youtube of him doing his tricks and stuff and I just wanna cry.

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