Bumblebee Is A Change of Pace for “Transformers”


2018 action-adventure film "Bumblebee"

Camden Mast, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that the last few films in the Transformers franchise haven’t been the best movies out there. With three out of the five of the previous installments having less than 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, expectations were low for the newly announced Bumblebee solo film.

Most people, including myself, went into the movie not expecting much. However, when expectations are so low, the only place you can go is up. As the film progressed, it’s obvious that the director Travis Knight wants the audience to forget about the other films in the franchise.

This movie isn’t all about explosions and fighting like its predecessors. One of the problems with the other Transformers films is that the cast becomes so large and it’s expected the audience is to care about every single character and it just can’t be done. Knight really wants the audience to feel and empathize with its characters on a personal level. In Bumblebee, the film mainly focuses on one autobot: Bumblebee, and one human: Charlie (played by Hailee Steinfeld). This film follows the same plot points as E.T.

Basically, a specimen from outer space lands on Earth and is misunderstood by everyone except for the main protagonist, who only wants to help.

Now this doesn’t make the movie bad, it just makes the story predictable. Another observation to note is the effects. The Autobots in this film are remarkably more simplified and colored than the other movies. A problem I have in the other Transformers movies is during action sequences, it’s difficult to watch and understand what’s specifically going on. At times it just looks like a bunch of random metal moving.

On the contrary, in Bumblebee, because of the vibrant colors in the Autobots and Decepticons, the fights are so much easier to follow and overall make it a more enjoyable experience. Also, something to note about these Autobots is they resemble more of the old design, reminding me of the TV show that aired in the 80’s.

Travis Knight’s overall goal with this film was to change what people think of the Transformers franchise. He surpassed almost everyone’s expectations for this movie, making Bumblebee the best installment in the series. Sure, the plot at times can be predictable, but it’s easily forgiven with some solid acting and exciting effects, overall making Bumblebee an exciting experience from start to finish. If Transformers can follow this similar pattern for Transformers 7, then this series in good shape. Bumblebee deserves a ⅘ for all the new things it brings to the franchise, standing out from the rest.