LSHS Theatre’s “Grease”


Photo taken by Sarah Banitt

The finale of the Grease performance

Sarah Banitt, Writer and Editor

    During the past 2 weeks, the Lakeville South Theatre performed their production of Grease the Musical! They spent a lot of time working on it and the play turned out to be a great success!

    In all, the cast members performed 6 shows in addition to the senior preview. There were many songs with great choreography and even greater singing. There was a live music pit of both students and a teacher to help the play come alive. People could look down into the pit either before the play, during intermission, or after the play to see what was going on behind the scenes. The acting was very engaging and always left the audience on their toes for what was going to happen next. It was a true comedy filled with jokes sure to get a laugh out of everyone, but also a romance that pulled the spectator’s heart strings. Most performances ended with a standing ovation which proved how spectacular the play really was.

    In conclusion, Grease turned out to be an amazing experience for both the audiences and the actors. The play made spectators want to sing and dance or maybe even want to do the “hand jive!”