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Mental Health in School

Sarah Banitt, Writer and Editor November 2, 2021

        Did you know that academic stress can lead to anxiety and depression? I am one of many people who experiences lots of stress in school. If you also feel this way, you’re definitely not alone....

Dominating Dragons

Dominating Dragons

Rachel Schlauch, Staff Writer November 2, 2021

Dominating Dragons   By Rachel Schlauch   The Lakeville South Marching Cougars have dominated the marching band world in the past 5 months. With passion, pride and hard work, it shows...

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Coronavirus Variant Article

Caroline McClellan, Editor and Writer March 15, 2021

Things change. They grow, learn, and do whatever it takes to reach its goal. The Covid-19 virus is no exception to this rule. Deviations from the original formula happen in order to facilitate the spread...

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