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LSHS band marching down the street in Hawaii. Photo provided by Rose Krogstad.

LSHS Band Takes on Hawaii

Sarah Banitt, Writer April 25, 2022

In the middle of March the Lakeville South Marching Band traveled to Hawaii. They initially were supposed to travel to Ireland for St. Patrick’s day but, because of strict out of country restrictions,...

Turning Red Review

Caroline McClellan April 25, 2022

Turning red, a phrase that depicts the classic flush of embarrassment, a slight pinkening of one’s cheeks, or, in the case of Meilin Lee (voiced by Rosalie Chiang), the action of turning into a giant,...

Photo from Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2022), Toho Animation

“Jujustu Kaisen 0” Review

Logan WIlliams, Staff Writer April 11, 2022

“Jujutsu Kaisen 0” Review By: Logan Williams     “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” is the new animated film produced by animation studio MAPPA studios. It’s a prequel to the hit anime series “Jujutsu...

Photo from Gold (2022), Screen Media

“Gold” – Review

Logan Williams, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

Gold (2022) Review: By: Logan Williams     “Gold” is a very unusual film. It’s one that’s definitely not for everyone for it has some slightly disturbing scenes scattered throughout the...

Photo from Death on the Nile (2022), 20th Century Studios

“Death on The Nile” – Review

Logan Williams, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

Death on the Nile: Review By: Logan Williams     Kenneth Branagh is back as Hercule Poirot and he’s got a new murder to solve. “Death on the Nile” is a new whodunnit based upon Agatha Christie’s...

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Uncharted review

Liz Curtin, Staff Writer February 28, 2022

I don’t play video games but I can tell you this. As far as Uncharted goes, it certainly is a movie that was based on a video game. The plot contains little room for character development and only serves...

Photo from Moonfall (2022), Lionsgate

“Moonfall” Review

Logan Williams February 14, 2022

Moonfall: Review  By: Logan Williams     Oh boy, I don’t even know where to start with this one. “Moonfall” has got to be one of the dumbest films that I have ever seen in my lifetime....

Illustration by John Hurney

“Scream” (2022) Review

Logan Williams, Staff Writer January 24, 2022

Scream (2022): Review Written by: Logan W Oh boy. "Scream” is back for its 5th installment of the long running franchise that started back in 1996. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, in...

Image courtesy of Republic Records

Taylor Swift Red (Taylor’s Version) Review

Nora Boyd, Staff Writer December 13, 2021

                   Taylor Swift Red (Taylor’s Version) Review                                                By:Nora Boyd On October...

Image by Adeyla Hoenck

The Best Albums of 2021

Sebastian Gochez November 16, 2021

2021 has been a huge reassurance of both household names and newcomers for music this year. This year in particular has been a big year for music since last year's events shut down music production for...

“Dune” (2021) Review

“Dune” (2021) Review

Logan Williams, Staff Writer November 2, 2021

“DUNE” (2021) Review By: Logan Williams       “Dune” is based on the book of the same name by Frank Herbert. There was a film titled “Dune” that was released in 1984 (which...

Micheal Myers looming in the shadows, Halloween Kills; courtesy of Universal Studios

Evil Dies…Tomorrow?

Logan Williams, Writer October 25, 2021

        “Halloween Kills” is the newest release in the long running “Halloween” movie franchise. It’s the second to last film in the series, and it’s one of the worst. This is going to...

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