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Victory on Ice

Brandon Woods, Staff Writer

March 10, 2017

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This past Thursday was the day the cougars advanced on in the battle for the state hockey title. Lakeville South faced St Thomas in the Xcel energy center in front of one of the largest groups of fans seen. Minnesota state hockey tournaments always attracts large crowds, with this game being no excepti...

A parking disaster: Why our lot needs a change

A parking disaster: Why our lot needs a change

Katie Loveless, Editor-in-chief

February 24, 2017

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Apple Valley: $180 trimester Farmington: $180 trimester per year Prior lake: $40 per quarter ($160 per year) Shakopee: $60 per year Lakeville South: $250 per year For years, students have been paying $250 in total for a parking pass, while other schools in the area pay less than $200. Not only d...

Study hall or social hour

Regan Gagne, Staff Writer

February 22, 2017

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From school, to sports, to jobs, most high school students struggle fitting time in their busy schedule to do hours of homework. It is clear many students simply don’t have the time to take on large amounts of homework every night. With the help of a study hall, students could prevent falling behind...

Fountains of pens, one solution

Brandon Woods, Staff Writer

February 21, 2017

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Fountain pens are more work and can sometimes be less reliable than a ballpoint, however, a fountain pen is something that many users take pride in and enjoy the experience.

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Fan Bus remains spirited

Fan Bus remains spirited

Bria Gunderson, Features Section Editor

November 11, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

On the way back to Lakeville South from the Minnesota State Volleyball Tournament on Friday, November 11, fan bus number three had an interesting vibe to it. Everyone on the bus was impressed by the LSHS girls’ volleyball team for their intensity and dedication towards their sport. All students came ...

The controversy surrounding vaccines

Ana Lara Torres, Staff Writer

October 28, 2016

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The talk surrounding vaccines has been a controversial topic lately with people debating whether or not doctors do it just for the money and also on the potential side effects. So I thought, “How about I look into the vaccines we need to get in order to go school?” Personally, I believe that ...

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