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The Student News Site of Lakeville South High School

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The Student News Site of Lakeville South High School

The Current

Graphic by Elia

The Charm of Evil People

Elia Giles April 15, 2024

On November 16  2023, TikTok had to prohibit content that promotes Osama bin Laden's 2002 letter detailing the former al Qaeda leader's justifications for attacks against Americans.  That even being...

Graphic created by Adeyla Hoenck

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Remove Hybrid Classes

Daniyal Abedi January 29, 2024

Dear Editor: 96% of teachers nationwide reported improved student engagement in hybrid classes. A 2013 study found that hybrid learning yielded higher test scores (Aly, 2013). In essence, hybrid classes...

Graphic created by Adeyla Hoenck

Don’t Worry, You’re Running Out of Time

Jaden Rust January 27, 2024

While time is one of the only constants in life, it seems to gain speed as we age, leading us to be in dire need of more of it. Our allotted twenty-four hours can’t possibly be enough to accomplish each...

Graphic created by Noah Baker

Winter Break’s Length this Year, and Why it Doesnt Make Sense

August Timmerman December 20, 2023

Most students, families, and staff have noticed that this year's winter break is shorter than usual. This year's winter break at LSHS is a day shorter than last year and last year's break was two days...

Photo taken by Sarah Banitt

Should Lakeville Schools Move to Online Learning?

Sarah Banitt, Writer January 24, 2022

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise and new variants become known, more and more students and staff are out sick. Knowing this information, students are wondering if we are going to change to remote learning.    ...

Illustrated by Nora Boyd

How to see the abuse that might be around you

Rachel Schlauch, Writer December 6, 2021

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook’s former girlfriend was physically abused. She got a concussion and was also held hostage in Inver Grove Heights a year ago.     This is one of the many high profile...

Should Schools Be More Transparent?

Logan Williams, Writer and editor December 6, 2021

Roughly a few weeks ago on Monday Nov 15, 2021, an email was sent to some of the students that attend Lakeville South High School. The email was in regards to a non-credible threat on the student body....

Should Schools Require Masks

Shafin Raihaan, Staff Writer November 9, 2021

Last year was one of the most chaotic, eventful, and surprising school years we’ve ever had. From wearing masks in school to when we switched to distance learning with school mostly online.  This...

Image provided by Getty Images

The Irresponsibility of social media influencers

Macy Tran, Co-Editor in Chief March 8, 2021

During the midst of a deadly pandemic, one would assume that the majority of people would adhere to the rules of social distancing and limit actions that could possibly endanger others. But numerous social...

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