The Influence of Music


Sebastian Gochez

Crowd at a concert

Sebastian Gochez

Tech influence on music.

Technology has always had a influence on how music is made and how it is written. The first major technological advance in music distribution was the radio. The introduction of radio changed the way artists made their music. For example, the radio changed how long songs were. Since radios only had a certain amount of time per song, radio hosts had to make sure that the music chosen would appeal to a large enough audience so they could gain more compensation from ads. As a result, more artists shortened their songs so that their music could be played on the radio. A lot of criticism from this including the notable song, “3 minute song” by Tim Minchin. Alongside the introduction of the radio came the start of people not listening to song lyrics. One of the most notable examples of this is the song “Hey Ya!” By OutKast which is a blatant rip on how people don’t want to listen to lyrics they just want to dance to the beat. 

Introduction of media sharing and its effects on music

The biggest change in music sharing is television and how music videos are/were distributed around the world. “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles is a prominent example of how video changed how people wanted to view media. After music videos and many other media sharing options a boom in media sharing was Vine. A song that really blew up on Vine was “Ultimate” by Denzel Curry, the big water bottle flip challenge really popularized this song but even with the amount of popularity most people don’t know any other songs that he has made. After Vine was taken down there was some attempts at a successor but in September of 2016 a true successor came out, TikTok. TikTok took the world by storm in 2018 with its short format videos and quick and easy sharing. An artist that TikTok was Doja Cat, interesting enough her style really changed after her popularity. In Doja Cat’s older music when she was a  lesser known name, was more rap than it was pop. This varies from her newer music that feels more towards the field of pop. Another artist that was popularized by  TikTok was Steve Lacy. Because his popularity started after COVID’s impact on concerts, most people who went to his concerts discovered him through TikTok. Even though his popularity was mostly beneficial, a number of the new “TikTok” fans did not come prepared to the concerts nor did they come knowing concert etiquette. Videos of such concert behavior have been posted and reposted all throughout the internet. For example, some concert goers seemed to believe that it was a good idea to throw things on stage which could be very unsafe for artists.