College Isn’t For Everyone

Abbi Gruhot

Every high school student has been asked this question at least once in their life, what college do you want to go to? This is a broad question many don’t have the answer to. Throughout the high school experience many people try to prepare students for the inevitable time when it comes to choosing which college is right for them. But what happens when college isn’t even in the equation for some?

There are many options after high school graduation which can range from four year universities to two year degrees and in some peoples cases no further education at all. If that is the case you most likely have had the fair share of people in your life trying to convince you otherwise. Expressing how the college experience is important not only for future careers but to help young adults figure life out. But just because college works for some it is not always the answer to a bright future.

According to the U.S Career Institute, who compiled a list of the top 80 jobs that pay over $50k, “some high paying jobs on the list don’t require any formal education credential.” The highest paid job, which only desires a high school diploma, is a Commercial Pilot. The annual wage of a Commercial Pilot is $121,430. This job also doesn’t depend upon having any prior work experience. These factors help appeal to the masses because of how accessible each of the jobs showcased can be to even just a high school graduate.

High school is an important part of the decision making process for a young adult’s future. People are able to make choices about the things they like and dislike. This is a major factor that decides whether or not college is the right option. It is also important because many students are able to identify they don’t see further education in their future. There is a lot of backlash because a considerable amount of adults believe that college is the only way to be successful in the future; so many students are pressured into attending college and being miserable for the next four years of their life because they are on the wrong path to their personal success. 

That’s why it is crucial for students to be confident in their choice to not attend college and find a plan that works for them in order to reach their full potential and live a life they enjoy. Setting boundaries and goals in general is very important in a young person’s life, but even more so when discussing the future because in the end it is your life and you have one chance to live it.