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All-ages events and music in the Twin Cities and metro area

Maggie McBrady and Lizzie Tullis

Last Friday the Walker Arts Center hosted an event directed towards high school age students called Teen Takeover. This bi-annual event is planned and put on by a council of teen members. There were DJs and dancing, karaoke, photo ops, and the art galleries were open for viewing. This was one of the many all-ages events available for students in the Twin Cities and metro area. 

Teen Takeover at the Walker Art Center

Events like Teen Takeover or all-ages concerts are usually free of cost or generally affordable, with entrance fees of $5-$25, or with free admission with suggested donations, making them all fairly accessible. All-ages art and music events are important because they allow young people to learn about the arts and connect with people who have similar interests. All-ages events help students connect with other youth outside of their schools in a safe space.

Bluedriver at The Treasury in St Paul

Catalyst Music is a collective in the Twin Cities focused on giving up and coming artists the tools to record, produce, and perform music. The Garage in Burnsville and The Treasury in St Paul are all-ages venues providing artists with a space to perform and share their talents.

More information about Catalyst Music can be found here: 


Upcoming all ages music events in the Twin Cities:


Friday, April 28

Screaming Hours/Mystery Meat/Larry Wish

The Treasury (St. Paul)


Crushed Into Place


Alice’s Escape

Caydence Records & Coffee (900 Payne Ave, St. Paul)


Saturday, April 29

Origami Angel with Pinkshift and Sweet Pill 

THE GARAGE (Burnsville)


Cameron Skinner

Andrew Dimenstein

Ethan Caviness

Ian Valor

Caydence Records & Coffee (900 Payne Ave, St. Paul) 


Saturday, May 6

Breakup Shoes 

THE GARAGE (Burnsville)



The Untimely


Caydence Records & Coffee (900 Payne Ave, St. Paul) 


Friday, May 12 

Rock Band Club Final Performance

The Treasury (St. Paul) 


Saturday, May 13

Field Trip, Kick the Ghost, Bookowski

The Treasury (St. Paul)


Thursday, May 1

Dead On A Sunday w/ The Static Age & Calgary Winters AA

Amsterdam Bar & Hall 


Thank You, I’m Sorry with Anita Velveeta and Fend

The Treasury (St. Paul)


Saturday, May 20 


The Treasury (St. Paul)


Tuesday, May 23


Amsterdam Bar & Hall 


Friday, May 26

Lovejoy: Across the Pond Tour

Amsterdam Bar & Hall


Friday, June 16 


Amsterdam Bar & Hall