(From Left to Right) Claire Bronson, Brynn O’Neill, Violet Demou, Sofia Honda, and Autumn Schmidt getting rowdy
(From Left to Right) Claire Bronson, Brynn O’Neill, Violet Demou, Sofia Honda, and Autumn Schmidt getting rowdy
Jaden Rust

Students and their Passion for Football: We Run This Beach

The start of a new school year can be both exciting and hectic, as students get back into the swing of their academic lives coming out of a relaxing summer. While kids dial in to their homework and extracurricular activities, time to be social outside of school dwindles for most, and we get wrapped up in our own responsibilities. Until Friday rolls around. 

For years, Lakeville South has found great success in our football team, with holding champion titles back-to-back in 2020 and 2021, as well as being state participants this past 2022 season. On September first, the team kicked off the 2023 season at home against Wayzata, and dominated the scoreboard for the entirety of the game. With a win of 41-27 as well as Junior Connor Cade scoring a record breaking touchdown with 99 yards, the Cougars were on fire, and couldn’t be put out. 

As exciting as the sport itself is, most of the student body finds themselves in the student section, a place that has created a culture of its own that is taken very seriously. Each year, seniors come together to make sure the student section is loud, proud, and rowdy for our team, accumulating a mass of cheers, decorations, signs, and outfit themes. To start out this season, fellow “Superfans” set up the recognizable “tropical theme,” allowing students to step out in their best Hawaiian t-shirts, leis, and colorful apparel. The stands were draped with brightly colored tablecloths, strung with “aloha” balloons, and bubblegum pink Pom-poms could be seen waving from kids’ hands. Students were emanating with excitement and energy, which even rubbed off on the parents with interactive cheers. 

All of this hype begs the question: Why do students care so much about football season? The excitement around football is unmatched, with other sports unable to match the attendance and energy given to the football players. When asked about this, senior Sofia Honda said the rowdy environment stems from an excitement to “see your classmates play” and “the energy of Friday night lights” as a whole, with its chants, storming the field, and the themes that students go all out for. 

The first game started both the players and the student section on a high that we hope to continue throughout the season. With the few football games we get in a season, each individual must bring their A game. So whether you’re in the starting lineup or at the back of the stands, try to immerse yourself in the excitement of school spirit to keep getting those wins.


After all, it’s only the beginning!

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