Should Lakeville Schools Move to Online Learning?


Photo taken by Sarah Banitt

Sarah Banitt, Writer

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise and new variants become known, more and more students and staff are out sick. Knowing this information, students are wondering if we are going to change to remote learning.

    I believe that Lakeville schools should shift to online learning. There are many crazy statistics to support this. For example,Dakota County’s Covid-19 positivity rate has gone up 154% in the last 14 days( Covid rates aren’t just going up in the county but also in our school. The district reported 243 new Covid-19 cases in high schoolers in the past week as of January 13th(District Covid-19 numbers).

 Also, schools surrounding Lakeville have moved to online learning or alternatives to fully in person learning. Burnsville, Eagan, and Savage are all going to distance learning on Thursday and Friday. Brooklyn Center high school moved to online learning about a week ago, too.(Schools moving to distance learning)

Cases will just continue to rise and people will continue to get sick in our school if we do nothing about it because of the physical contact in classes.Even though in person school is a place to socialize, has hands-on learning, and finals are coming up very soon, I believe that the bad outweighs the good.