Sebastian’s Recommendations: Halloween Movie Edition

Sebastian Gochez

Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is my personal favorite holiday because of the movies. For this article, the movies will be split into 2 different parts: “Watch with the family” and “Dont watch this in a public space”.

Starting with Watch With The Family:

  1. Wendell and Wild. This beautiful movie is the theatrical return of Henry Selick and the reunion of the Key and Peele. This movie is a wonderful story about the struggle of fitting in. 
  2. Coco. This is technically not a “Halloween” movie but since Dia de los Muertos is so synonymous with Halloween I said: “might as well”. This movie is one of the few Disney movies I genuinely enjoy. Not only do I love the characters and the look of the movie, but I love the music of this film.
  3. Spirited Away. This just like Coco, Spirited Away is not really seen as a Halloween movie but its all about spirits. This movie, just like the previous 2, is beautiful. This is one of the few animated movies that has won an Academy Award that genuinely deserved it.

Moving onto the second portion of my suggestions, 


  1. Hellraiser. This movie is a beautiful showing of what hell has in store for anyone looking for it. It has some of the most insane practical effects I’ve ever seen. This peek into Clive Barker’s mind gives me chills every time I see it. However, I give a warning to all that this movie is super gross and has very illicit scenes throughout.
  2. You’re next. Personally this movie has my favorite final girl of all time. The characters show a convincing emotion of fear and anytime anything happens to any of the characters you feel genuinely bad for them. The twist comes out of left field and is one of the few I did not see coming.
  3. Evil dead (1981). This movie somehow is both funny and terrifying at the same time. Bruce Campbell’s performance as Ash is one of the very few ongoing roles I feel haven’t lost any quality. I will warn that this movie does include some heavy content. 

This wraps up my personal Halloween movie suggestions. I hope you readers enjoy and have a Happy Halloween.