Encore Kicks Off Homecoming With a “Lovely” Preformance

Mady Bergstrom, Writer

    The Encore group marched confidently; black silk dresses and maroon tops swiftly entering on stage. For the recurring members of the early bird group, this is a regular occurance. Yet, for some of the fresh sophomores such as Noah Clark, Preslee Naatjes , and Barrett Gassman this is a brand new experience. 


     Barrett says he’s “excited” Whereas Javier Hanson-Sanches, a junior here at south says “as someone who’s done this before it’s not that much”. As the voices began to echo through the speakers the boisterous clatter of rowdy highschool kids died down as Encore: An interactive acapella “pitch perfect” group began their song.


     On Monday September 26 Encore performed two songs at the coronation. They introduced the event with Levitating by Dua Lipa sung by Madi Keeler (a senior here at Lakeville south). The group performed well even though they don’t actually have any background music! 


  After introducing the court candidates with their secret handshakes, backflips and hot pink wig tosses, the group bounced into their next song, which was Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid sung by Cade Hatlestad (Junior) and Nicole Fields (senior).  A lovely performance from this duo was presented right before the crowning of James Nida as King and Alayna Cade as Queen. 

Next you’ll be able to see Encore preform on October 25th at their Fall concert at Lakeville South! Mark your calendars!